Come along with me on a healing journey. 


"Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud."

-Maya Angelou

How can you be a rainbow in someone's cloud today?

We could all use more rainbows right now. 

I'm Amber...a Gen X mom, entrepreneur, adventurer, healer and helper who grew up on a small island in Alaska. I started my journey into adulthood as a single mother with PTSD and a Travel Specialist Training Certificate. I'm now a strong, resilient career mom with two kids (Alika and Daphne); living in Oregon with my soulmate - happy, healthy, and successful.


I love adventure, painting, writing, chocolate, healthy cooking, nature, music, and Netflix. My passion is helping others on their wellness journey, and just life in general. Check out my other baby

I have been through hell and back several times and yet, I love waking up every day. I am grateful for all that I have experiences-good and bad; and I continue to have high hopes for my future, your future, and the worlds future.

This site is a compilation of blog posts, inspiration, and life tips; as well as a place to find episodes of my podcast The Dragonfly Connection


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