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Options and Prices

Take a peek below to get a better understanding of my services. Before we work together, we'll chat first to see if working with me serves you best.

Setup Fee
  • 1-2 hours together online or on the phone to assess your situation and determine your advocacy needs

  • Research providers, resources and care based on your location, budget, and insurance

10 hour Retainer 
  • Can be used for all services

  • Save $100

  • Retainer hours must be used within 6 months. 

  • Additional hours - only $65/hour

Hourly Advocacy  $75*
  • Online or in-person** advocacy with clients/caregivers.  

  • Includes Travel Time**

  • Research and Paperwork

  • Minimum 3 hours 

  • Emergent advocacy in the event of a trip to the ER** or Urgent Care**

  • Use when family members are unable to be with you due to distance or other circumstance.

  • For established clients only

What happens next? 

After your consultation if we decide to work together, I'll send you a link to pay your setup fee and instructions for scheduling your assessment. 

During your assessment appointment we'll figure out what is best for you - hourly or retainer. 

Have Questions?

*If unable to pay, full or partial scholarships are available, but limited. Income verification not required. Don't be afraid to ask! 

**In-person services only available in the Portland, OR Metro area. May be willing to travel further for an additional fee. 

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