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Trouble getting the holistic healthcare you need? 

I'm here to help! 

To get effective healthcare, we must advocate for ourselves.

 But, I know from personal and professional experience that's easier said than done. Most of us end up frustrated, confused and alone - having wasted a ton of time and money, and being no closer to getting our health challenges fully addressed. 

Dermatology Consultation

How I can help? 

  • Ease the stress of navigating through the maze of providers, tests, treatments, insurance, and medical bills. 

  • Help interpret hard-to-understand health information to help you make informed decisions.

  • Find ALL the different health and wellness providers and resources for your specific needs, ask the questions you may not know to ask, and speak up for you as a third-party witness if needed. 

  • Provide self-care tools and tips tailored to your individual needs and personality. 

Doctor Office

Why hire me?

Since 2004, I have helped people of all ages, genders and walks of life through their healthcare journey and challenges. I've spent my career providing resources, self-care tools, mentorship, and communication with healthcare teams as a Medical Massage Therapist, Chiropractic Assistant, Reiki Practitioner, Coach, and creator of 


I am passionate about holistic healthcare and helping others live their best-healthiest life possible! I have spent my life learning about many different aspects of healthcare and how to successfully get the help you need. Now, let me take the reigns and help you get ALL the care you need in a way that fits your life and budget. 

Holistic healthcare means that I will work with all aspects of you and your health (mind, body and soul) - exploring conventional, alternative, natural, and integrative care with you. I also offer unlimited self-care tips and tools when appropriate.

I will do the research for you, communicate effectively with insurance and health providers; help you get the care you need (conventional, natural, and alternative), save you money, and hold your hand in times when you need it (sometimes literally). 

CLICK HERE to learn more. 

Doctor Office
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