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Virtual Assistant

Helping you and your business thrive! 


Do what you love.
I'll take care of the rest! 

Time is your most precious commodity. I can help you get more of it; while growing your business faster, and enjoying your life and business to the fullest. 

Some of the services I offer

Why work with me?


Hourly.....$35 (minimum 2 hrs)

Retainer Packages (Prepaid Monthly).....$330 for 10 hrs
                                                                 $630 for 20 hrs

                                                                 $1190 for 40 hrs

Additional Hours w/Package Purchase.....$28/hr (no min.)

Additional Fees.....$0.50/mile (Portland, OR area travel only)

One Time Training Fee (required)..... $40 for 2 hours of training (setup, communication, learning about you, your brand, your systems, account setup, ect.)

Contact me for limited/specific project pricing. 

If you're located in the Portland Metro area I can help with household assistance too! 

    I know there are a ton of V.A.'s for you to choose from, but what I offer is personalized service like no other! Along with 32 years of professional experience I have been a business owner for 18 years and I'm a retired business coach. 

    In addition, I have worked in a variety of industries giving me a variety of well honed skills - Telecommunications, Retail, Hospitality & Travel, Accounting Administration, Beauty, Events & Entertainment, Podcasting, Health & Wellness, Personal Shopping. I've also been a mom for 25 years! 

    I know what it's like to feel pulled in a hundred directions as a business owner and just never "having time" to get it all done. That's where I come in! I'll help you get it all done and will always strive to go above and beyond. I will truly "take care" of you and your business!